Approaches to Xylokastro

Xylokastro is located on the Korinthian Gulf, about half way between Athens and Patras:

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There is more information available on the official website of the municipality clickable here!.

By air:

The air connection to Xylokastro can most easily be made through Athens international airport El. Venizelos. Information about arrivals and departures can be accessed at their web site (National Airport of Athens El. Venizelos)

From there any of the routes described below may be followed to Xylokastro

By ship:

There are two ports of entry from Western Europe: Igoumenitsa and Patras which receive ferry boats from Venice, Ancona, Brindisi, Bari and other Adriatic ports. From Igoumenitsa and Patras, you may then follow the instructions underneath, by car.

By Car:

From Athens:

Follow the National Highway of Athens to Corinth and Athens to Patra and then make a turn on the 119th km at the exit to Xylokastro.

From Patras:

The distance is100 km. Follow the National Highway of Patra to Athens, and make a turn at the 99th km at the exit to Xylokastro (about an hour).

From Igoumenitsa:

The distance is 365 km and involves either a ferry-boat crossing at Rio-Antirio or a chance to see the amazing new (but costly) bridge over the Korinthian Gulf.

By Train:

From Athens: Take the train from Larisis Station to Xylokastro. (There is a metro station in Larisis Station)

The link for timetables (in Greek) is here: Train timetables

Take the train from Patra to Xylokastro. The timetable may be found by dialling 1110

By Suburban Railway:

There are three main lines:

• Liosia-Piraeus-Liosia

• Airport-Kiato

• Kiato-Airport

Timetables may be found here: Suburban timetables and ticket prices may be found here: ticket prices

By intercity bus:

From Athens: Daily routes from KTEL of Kifisos to Xylokastro (95 - 120 minutes, depending on the route). The agency info for Xylokastro is at: 100, Kifisou Avenue tel. 210 5124 912

From Patra: Daily routes from Patra to Xylokastro. The routes to Xylokastro are Patra-Sparti at 15:15, Patra-Argos at 16:30, Patra-Athens (almost every hour) and Patra-Chalkida at 14:30. Information: KTEL of ACHAIA tel 210-5147310 2610-623887 – Patra

From Igoumenitsa: The routes are: Igoumenitsa-Athens at 8:00, 11:00, 15:00 and at 20:30. Information: KTEL of THESPROTIA tel 210-5125954 tel 210-5135379 26650-22309 - Igoumenitsa

The general site is at: Intercity buses

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