The Speleological Hellenic Athletic Club (SELAS Caving Club) was founded in 1997 by cavers who until that point had been active in other caving clubs. SELAS is a founding member of the Hellenic Federation of Speleology (FHS) which was founded in 2001 in an effort to link together all caving bodies in Greece to facilitate easier recognition from state bodies and to strengthen the position of the Greek caving community within the global caving community.

The club has explored hundreds of caves both within Greece and abroad. The club's register of caves includes reports of the club members' expeditions to all of the ten deepest caves in Greece. The most significant expeditions are those to the three deepest caves in Greece, which are found in Crete ("Gourgouthakas" and "The Lion" in the White Mountains and "Tafkoura" on Psiloritis). These expeditions were joined by members of other Greek clubs, but also by a large number of cavers from outside Greece. In recent years, members of the club have been involved in international expeditions outside Greece. Worthy of note is the involvement of members of the club in the expedition organised by Russian Cavers of the CAVEX team to the deepest cave in the world, Krubera-Voronya in the western Caucasus in 2005.

The club organises training in Single Rope Techniques for cavers every spring. At the close of the training, the successful candidates who wish to may join the club and participate in expeditions of the club.

In addition, since 2005 the club has organised annual training courses for Canyoning at basic and advanced levels. The training courses are comprised of theory and practical classes which give the trainees the opportunity to learn all the techniques necessary to equip and descend canyons in safety.

All training provided by SELAS is in line with the requirements for recognition by the FHS.

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